Bach Flower Level 1 Course

This is  a Bach Centre approved course run by Celia Stewart, 

Bach Flower Practitioner/Tutor (BFRP) & Addictions Counsellor (Addiction Professionals)

Course Dates: Feb 26/27 and March 5/6 2022 - over two weekends

Course Times: 9.30am to 1pm each day

Course fee: £170.00 payable by PayPal  - Use the PayPal button below

OR Bank Transfer - email for details


Learn with others from the comfort of your home. Each session will be three and a half hours long, with a couple of screen breaks. The course and the hand-outs are in English. Level 1 is ideal for beginners or those who have been using the remedies for a while but would like to have a recognised certificate.

About Level One
This is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge of this wonderful system and begin using the remedies with more confidence for yourself, family and friends.

Bach Centre-approved Level One courses provide a solid grounding in the remedies. Even experienced users will benefit from the chance to take an in-depth look at the remedies and explore their use in everyday situations. You will even learn a little about working with animals and plants.

Completing any of these courses qualifies you to attend an approved Level Two course. 

Level One introduces students to each of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies and to the philosophy of self-help and simplicity that underpins the system. You will start to select remedies for yourself, see how they fit in with your daily life and learn basics such as how and when to take them. Level One is the essential foundation for a complete understanding of Dr Bach's work. The Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) is now established in more than 20 countries. BIEP is the biggest international provider of courses endorsed by the Dr Edward Bach Centre. All students will receive a signed Level One certificate.

Level 1 explores all 38 remedies and their uses and is the first step to becoming a Bach practitioner. It is ideal for using the remedies with self, family and friends and is required for progression to Level 2.

All hand-outs and course materials will be emailed in advance."


"I found Celia to be a very knowledgable and supportive teacher who was able to create a learning environment (even online!) that was conducive to learning, engaging and interactive. She was very patient with all the learners, taking time to really explain and discuss the flower remedies, along with using her own knowledge and experience of them to really bring the remedies alive.
I really appreciated the pace she taught at and the interaction and discussion she facilitated during the sessions, including the breakout activities. I have learnt a lot from her and the way the sessions were run.
I’m looking forward to completing my level two (and perhaps level three in the future!) with her soon and I just wanted to let you know how positive I felt about her course. I would be happy to recommend her as a tutor in this subject."