Maternity Reflexology - Online Course

FHT Accredited Online Course for Qualified Reflexologists

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Don't deprive your clients of reflexology because they are expecting - gain important knowledge and confidence on this FHT accredited & insurable course. This course is designed for qualified reflexologists and will complement the Conception & Maternity Reflexology course, although can be taken on its own.  Theory will focus on the changes that take place during the three trimesters of pregnancy, including the post-natal period.  The practical session will look at various techniques than can be, or should not be, used during each of the trimesters and beyond

5 CPD Points

Prerequisite: You must have a minimum level 3 Reflexology qualification & have been qualified for at least 2 years to take this course

The maternity reflexology will be split into a theory session to cover relevant and up-to-date information on maternity related issues and a session covering practical techniques to be used to safely support women through the various stages of pregnancy and beyond. 

By the end of this course you will :

  • Be aware of changes that occur during pregnancy
  • Be aware of lifestyle advice that is available to pregnant women
  • Have gained experience of techniques that can be used on clients in the three trimesters of pregnancy and post natal period
  • Be aware of how these techniques can be safely and effectively used on an individual client basis
  • Most importantly; be able to provide reflexology treatments for clients who are expecting.

Here's how your online course works

Once you have paid the course fee we will send you a course study pack along with instructions on how to get started and you will be given access to the course online video tutorials:

Video Tutorials – there are 2 videos, both feature your course tutor, one for the course theory and one for practical techniques.  The techniques are broken down in small sections which you can watch as often as you need to, play it while you practice on a friend/family member & progress at your own pace

The student study packs contain all of the course theory & will enable you to make notes as you work your way through the video presentations.

Written assessment: When you have worked your way through the theory section you will need to complete some written questions. These will need to be sent to your tutor for marking prior to your practical assessment.

Practical assessment: Once you feel confident with your practical skills you will arrange your assessment with the course tutor.

Zoom Session - Your tutor will send you a link to open at an agreed date & time & you will have one to one time with her to demonstrate your skills & have an opportunity to ask any questions that you have.
To receive your FHT Accredited certificate you need to successfully complete the written assessment & pass the practical assessment. 

Please note that you may be asked to book a further assessment if it is felt that you have not reached the required level practical skills.  This can be arranged free of charge.

So, Get Started - Enjoy & Good Luck!






Course Tutor:
Kate Mulliss