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  • Aromatherapy & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    27 October 2020

    An aromatherapy approach to a client with IBS

    By Kate Mulliss

    Before undertaking any aromatherapy massage we need to be clear about our client’s individual symptoms, expectations and treatment goals.  There are lots of great oils at our disposal to blend for the relief of stress and anxiety and a great number of oils that can be antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic.

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  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Reflexology

    21 October 2020

    By Kate Mulliss, MAR

    I recently wrote an article for the FHT professional therapist magazine on reflexology and aromatherapy approaches to IBS. 

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  • Using Essential Oils during Pregnancy

    Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to restore balance to mind, body and spirit. Essential oils are natural essences extracted from a wide variety of plants. They can have many effects – antidepressant, sedative, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory – which means that they can be used to support a wide range of needs, of both a physical and psychological nature.

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  • Dynamic Body-Use for Massage Practitioners

    How to apply pressure without straining your body or damaging your hands is one of the greatest challenges involved in massage.

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