Thai Foot Massage - Online Course

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5 CPD Points

Prerequisite: You must have a minimum Level 3 Reflexology certificate AND/OR  L3 Body massage certificate i.e. swedish, holistic, aromatherapy or sports massage

Thai Foot Massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that can be offered to your clients as a ’stand alone’ therapy or you can integrate it into your existing skills; Massage or Reflexology - we all have clients that love having their feet massaged!

Thai Foot Massage consists of working on the feet and lower legs, and is performed with both the hands and with a Thai foot stick. The treatment is both relaxing and invigorating and has the aim of balancing the body and encouraging good health.

Thai Foot Massage is a relatively new concept in the UK, but has been practised for hundreds of years in various forms, both in Thailand and beyond. It is believed to have originated over 2000 years ago and has its roots in India, Korea, Japan and China.

The aim of this online course is to give you new add-on skills which will enable you to offer this lovely treatment to your clients or to blend in with your existing treatments.

Here's how your online course works

Once you have paid the course fee we will send you your course manual along with instructions on how to get started by email & your Thai Massage Stick will be posted to you  - first class!

Course Manual - You will need to study this - at your own pace

Quiz/written assessment - This is a list of questions that you will need to complete & submit to your course tutor - Read the manual thoroughly & you'll ace this!

You will receive access to the video tutorial which is comprehensive & contains all of the skills that we teach in the classroom - you can watch this as often as you need to, play it while you practice on a friend/family member & progress at your own pace.

Once you feel confident with your practical skills you will arrange your assessment with the course tutor - here are your options:

Zoom Session - Your tutor will send you a link to open at an agreed date & time & you will have one to one time with her to demonstrate your skills & have an opportunity to ask any questions that you have
If you live within an hour travel time to Newport, South Wales you can arrange to see the tutor in person for assessment & all Covid19 precautions will be taken - if you are able to visit her you will need to take your own therapy table.
If you have a therapy room, live within 1 hour of Newport, South Wales & would like the tutor to visit you for assessment this can be arranged - there will be an additional fee for her travel which will be dependant on your location

To receive your FHT Accredited certificate you need to fully read the course manual, successfully complete the written assessment/quiz & pass the practical assessment

So Get Started - Enjoy & Good Luck!